Easter opening hours

Wastebusters will be closed on Easter Friday so these crazy characters can get a sleep-in and enjoy some hot-cross buns with their families and friends. We’ll be open our normal hours (9am-5pm) during the rest of Easter, including Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. On Anzac Day (Thursday April 25th) we will open late at 1pm. Happy Easter egg-hunting.

Wasties Ski Sale

The Wastebusters giant ski & snowboard sale will be held on Saturday 4th May, starting at 9am.

Preloved skis, snowboards, boots, jackets, pants, gloves, goggles and more – we’re aiming to get all our ski gear out on that day. Plus entertainment, sausage sizzle and plenty of exciting stuff to rummage through.

May the treasure-hunting force be with you.


Upcycling is a great way to transform something past its best into a useful object. It’s also a great chance to talk to your children about reducing waste and making things last longer. T-shirt bags can be made with minimal equipment – all you need is an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors. We use the method outlined here by Mummy Potamus. If you have a pet, you can transform an old woolly jumper into a pet bed. Gather together an old woolly jumper and a couple of old pillows. You’ll need either a wool needle and ball of wool, or a sewing machine. If you love candles, try making your own tea-cup candle. We always have lots of candles in the Wastebusters shop, which you can melt down in a double-boiler to make a new candle, plus beautiful tea-cups. You’ll need some wick for your new candle which you can pick up at Spotlight.

RRR and dance!

For anyone that hasn’t seen the Wastebusters movie ad – here it is! Of course we’d still recommend a night out at Cinema Paradiso to see it in full-screen glory (and to enjoy a home-made cookie or ice-cream). A massive thanks to Rachel Erichsen and the DANCE OUT LOUD School of Dance crew who made us look more coordinated than we really are, to Joe Murdie from The Film Crew Ltd who stayed calm no matter what crazy ideas we came up with, and especially to the Wastebusters crew who made it all work. Love you all!