EOI communications/behaviour change specialist

Wastebusters is an innovative community enterprise based in Wanaka with the mission of leading the way to zero waste. We are expecting 2019 to be a big year for our communications team. We’re looking for Expressions of Interest from people with communications/behaviour change expertise who would like to work hard, have fun and help make zero waste a reality!

Skills we are seeking include:

  • Behaviour change
  • Community engagement
  • Communications (internal and external)
  • Relationship management
  • Copy-writing
  • Media liaison
  • Social media
  • Event management

Email katy@wastebusters.co.nz with a brief outline of your skills and work experience plus a CV and paragraph about why you would like to work for Wastebusters. We will email you the job description and an application form in early 2019.

Rethink, reduce, reuse, recycle and dance!

For anyone that hasn’t seen the new Wastebusters movie ad – here it is! Of course we’d still recommend a night out at Cinema Paradiso to see it in full-screen glory (and to enjoy a home-made cookie or ice-cream). A massive thanks to Rachel Erichsen and the DANCE OUT LOUD School of Dance crew who made us look more coordinated than we really are, to Joe Murdie from The Film Crew Ltd who stayed calm no matter what crazy ideas we came up with, and especially to the Wastebusters crew who made it all work. Love you all!

Container refunds for recycling – bring it on

Have you ever read the back of a bottle and seen that it’s worth 10c in South Australia? We are really keen to see a similar refund system for all drink bottles and cans in New Zealand.

Container deposit-refund systems lead to extremely high recycling rates (up to 99% in Germany) and extremely low contamination rates. They also achieve extremely low litter rates – after all, most of us will pick up 10c if we see it lying in the gutter. In Norway, 97% of all plastic bottles are recycled, 92% to such a high standard they are turned back into drink bottles.